I am a Film Editor. Since more than a decade I do nothing but editing films. And to get this straight: I love it.
For me editing is more than just open Avid Media Composer, look over the footage and get it in the right order. It’s all about: How do we get the power of the footage in the final edit? And what is the right workflow for all of us to get it on screen?
In the last years I edited several Formats: TV Commercials, Documentaries, Short Films, Feature Film, Branded Shorts. I was lucky to work on films that were shortlisted at the Cannes Lions and other well known film festivals. Some projects were presented at Siggraph, won the Shocking Shorts Award or got some ADC Nails.
After finishing my editing Diploma at the Filmakademie B-W a few years ago I moved to the lovely Rhine Area in western Germany, enjoing my time as a Father and Editor.


MAIL: kontakt[at]fabiangustus.com
PHONE: +49 152 53 86 9291